“Talk therapies just wouldn’t work with this student, art therapy

really suits him.  For what he gets out of it, I think it’s really good value.”

Barry School Principal, Sallynoggin

“my daughter loves going to art therapy, she is more able to ask for what she needs now. ”


“It was great to have Emily’s presence at the school. She tried innovative ideas which were very well received by the students.”

Linda HedermannArt Therapist, Scoil Chiaran Special School

“Our student has come on in leaps and bounds.  You can reason with her now.  She has far less meltdowns.  She’s much calmer.”


“before Art Therapy, things were really really bad.  Art Therapy is the reason I want to come to school on Thursdays, – I don’t want to miss any sessions.”

studentage 10

“Sometimes it just takes a term for a kid to turn around, it can reach kids who otherwise would not get support. It works at their pace”

vice principal

“after the first few weeks, my son started to come home and have long conversations about art therapy.  Before that, he never told us anything about school.  Then he started to talk about other things in school.”


“I’m not as angry anymore, I haven’t been in serious trouble since I started going to Art Therapy”

student with special needs

“Art Therapy helps me stay out of trouble, it helps me stay calm.”

student with special needs

“During her time with the Neighbourhood Youth Project 1 Emily interacted well and worked with children with challenging behaviours.  Emily was well prepared and organised, preparing materials, planning sessions and reviewing them effectively. I have confidence that Emily will work appropriately with different clients and will be adaptable to any new situation.”

Paul MaddenNYP Manager

“I’m really happy with my son’s progress, art therapy has helped him, he liked going.”


“I’ve seen changes in my son, he is getting more independent, making friends and growing up”


“It was a treat to be with everyone, broad chats, making little links. With space to think and process/make quietly.
I Loved leading and especially being led, it felt like dance, the space and air felt soft. I loved using touch to become familiar with the tree, the quietness of the tree, the different way to experience it.  Also, you didn’t require us to ‘perform’ or display”

Deirdreart in the woods participant

“It was like being taken away from my usual environment and way of thinking, like a taste of another way of being, a way to see things differently. It really brought me into my body, and a feeling of letting go, and trust and sharing with another person.  It was special to be out in nature, gentle, playful, nourishing and a treat.”

Wendyart in the woods participant

I notice a difference the day before and the day after art therapy for my student. Progress has been made.


many thanks for the sprinkling of magic / art therapy that has helped our student enjoy his best term ever in school.


It was lots of fun and makes you appreciate what the forest really means and it feels magical and special.

Alice, 10Art in nature participant

it was fun, healthy, personal, getting close to nature. A feast for the senses. Lovely to do alone or with friends and family. Suitable for all ages, safe, and non competitive.

EmerArt in nature participant

very helpful for anyone who wants to develop their creativity. I loved it.

aureliaart in nature partipant

My son is a sensitive child and was struggling with some overwhelming feelings. Art therapy with Emily gave him a safe space to explore his feelings and helped him make sense of the things that were troubling him. He never once said he didn’t want to go to art therapy, which would be unusual for him. As a parent I was really pleased with the support Emily gave him and me throughout this challenging period. I couldn’t recommend her more.