“Talk therapies just wouldn’t work with this student, art therapy

really suits him.  For what he gets out of it, I think it’s really good value.”

Barry School Principal, Sallynoggin

“my daughter loves going to art therapy, she is more able to ask for what she needs now. ”

As you might expect for a lot of people making a decision to talk about your problems can be a big deal. Such was my anxiety I didn’t even make the call to Emily it was my partner! But once my number was passed and we had a 10 minute chat, I felt very comfortable to go ahead and meet up.
That chat began weekly sessions where I found a welcoming, warm and calming environment to express what I needed to. The sessions were for me a good mix of chatting, meditation and art. The art a lot of the time a better way for me to show what I was feeling and a way to release frustration or just document a feeling, past or present.
A lovely experience that has helped me adjust my thinking, get a handle on my anxiety and boost my confidence. Emily is fantastic!

“It was great to have Emily’s presence at the school. She tried innovative ideas which were very well received by the students.”

Linda HedermannArt Therapist, Scoil Chiaran Special School

“Our student has come on in leaps and bounds.  You can reason with her now.  She has far less meltdowns.  She’s much calmer.”


“before Art Therapy, things were really really bad.  Art Therapy is the reason I want to come to school on Thursdays, – I don’t want to miss any sessions.”

studentage 10

“Sometimes it just takes a term for a kid to turn around, it can reach kids who otherwise would not get support. It works at their pace”

vice principal

“after the first few weeks, my son started to come home and have long conversations about art therapy.  Before that, he never told us anything about school.  Then he started to talk about other things in school.”


“During her time with the Neighbourhood Youth Project 1 Emily interacted well and worked with children with challenging behaviours.  Emily was well prepared and organised, preparing materials, planning sessions and reviewing them effectively. I have confidence that Emily will work appropriately with different clients and will be adaptable to any new situation.”

Paul MaddenNYP Manager

I first started out unsure of the whole idea of Art Therapy, but once i started to go more consistently, it started to gradually help me. Working through mixed media art forms has been a good way to express my emotions and to simply “put them somewhere”.


“I’ve seen changes in my son, he is getting more independent, making friends and growing up”


“It was a treat to be with everyone, broad chats, making little links. With space to think and process/make quietly.
I Loved leading and especially being led, it felt like dance, the space and air felt soft. I loved using touch to become familiar with the tree, the quietness of the tree, the different way to experience it.  Also, you didn’t require us to ‘perform’ or display”

Deirdreart in the woods participant

“It was like being taken away from my usual environment and way of thinking, like a taste of another way of being, a way to see things differently. It really brought me into my body, and a feeling of letting go, and trust and sharing with another person.  It was special to be out in nature, gentle, playful, nourishing and a treat.”

Wendyart in the woods participant

I notice a difference the day before and the day after art therapy for my student. Progress has been made.


many thanks for the sprinkling of magic / art therapy that has helped our student enjoy his best term ever in school.


It was lots of fun and makes you appreciate what the forest really means and it feels magical and special.

Alice, 10Art in nature participant

it was fun, healthy, personal, getting close to nature. A feast for the senses. Lovely to do alone or with friends and family. Suitable for all ages, safe, and non competitive.

EmerArt in nature participant

very helpful for anyone who wants to develop their creativity. I loved it.

aureliaart in nature partipant

My son is a sensitive child and was struggling with some overwhelming feelings. Art therapy with Emily gave him a safe space to explore his feelings and helped him make sense of the things that were troubling him. He never once said he didn’t want to go to art therapy, which would be unusual for him. As a parent I was really pleased with the support Emily gave him and me throughout this challenging period. I couldn’t recommend her more.


My daughter was diagnosed with DSM 5 – Asperger’s Syndrome -when she was five years old and has been on a difficult journey navigating through the different stages of school life and through life in general.  Emily has been a godsend to us and  she seems like a different child now.  By tapping into her love of art and through her therapy Emily has managed to instil in her a sense of confidence in herself.  she is a different child now and is able to express her needs and frustrations in a much better manner, something she found difficult in the constraints of the classroom.  She looks forward to ‘Wednesday mornings and for her quiet and productive time with her friend, Emily.


Our daughter is 5 years old and has Prader Willis Syndrome.  She has been working with Emily doing art therapy for a year.  Emily is so enthusiastic and creative and we look forward to her visit each week!  They do creative play with various sensory input materials from paints to water beads and other fabrics.  Our daughter has really improved her vocabulary through working with Emily during imaginative play in tents and playing in the back garden.  Art Therapy has been wonderful and amazing to help our daughter with her language and cognitive development through her creative applications she enjoys with Emily each week.  We highly recommend Art Therapy and Emily is brilliant!  She always arrives with loads of materials and items to play with, and that is one of our daughters favorite times of the week!


I really like coming to art therapy because if I have a bad day I can tell Emily about it. I found art therapy really fun and relaxing.

Shenage 8

Art therapy was the perfect way for my son to access his feelings through art. The space Emily provided was really peaceful.  My son had a lot of fun making his troll family and describing their thoughts and emotions which I guess acted as a mirror to his own.


I attend art therapy to help address issues with anxiety, depression and lack of motivation. I was looking for a therapy that might give me a little perspective on everyday trials that arise. I attended these weekly for almost one year.

I find the sessions with Emily to be very relaxing and I enjoyed/appreciated that I didn’t have to discuss anything if I didn’t want to and would often use the time to wind down from the day. We often reflected on the art works produced and I found it fascinating to see the variation and similarities in the pieces.

 A rapport developed naturally over time and I felt comfortable opening up to Emily on occasion to discuss issues that were troubling me. Emily was extremely gentle, thoughtful and insightful in her observations of my discussion of issues that were arising for me. Her art space felt like a haven where I could open up if I wished to without judgement.

The process of working through my thoughts through doing art has given me life skills to enjoy art for art sakes and it demonstrated to me the importance of taking time to do something pleasurable without necessarily having to produce something beautiful or useful. 

Nadia, 39

In art therapy it’s so much fun.  I get to be myself, where no one is saying “don’t be weird”


I just wanted to thank you again for all that you have done for Realtin through Art therapy. It has made a huge difference to her self confidence, calmed her anxiety and given her a renewed sense of self love and worth. She has gone from saying ‘I hate my life’ to ‘life is really great at the moment’ over the space of a few months.
Your support for us too has been so helpful and just little tips or words or phrases you have suggested have been so helpful for communicating our love and support to Realtin. Just knowing she was having regular sessions with you was a huge weight off my mind that I didn’t have to care for her mental health alone.
She was very wary at first and distrustful but you kind and very gentle manner gradually won her over and she was drawn to the sessions as a place where she could relax and zone out and be herself without any pressure at all.

She really is in so much better a place now and also knows she can go back anytime which has helped her to end the sessions on such a positive note.


You have been amazing with our daughter!! Thank you for all the work you did with her.  We appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts.