This time of year can be a bit dreary, with all the buzz of Christmas done, we can just want to hunker down and get through the dark months before spring really starts to give us our energy back.  It can be a good time for spring cleaning, and clearing out the things that we don’t need anymore.  It’s also still quite a dark time where life is in the roots and hasn’t shown much signs of arrival yet.

What have you got in your cupboards that is taking up space and not being used? Can you make a ritual offering to the coming year to open up space so that newness has room to emerge? Can clearing be a creative act?  You can work with this idea and explore what empty space means to you; – is it comfortable or uncomfortable? How easy is it for you to rest into the stillness?  How easy is it to rest into the unknown, and that which has yet to emerge into the light of understanding?   If it is uncomfortable, then what do you need to give yourself in this place of discomfort?  What nourishing thing can you do for yourself in the in-between-ness before spring gets going?