About Emily

I am a fully qualified Art Psychotherapist with a passion for empowerment, creativity, and nature and I am an accredited member of IACAT, the Irish Association of Creative Arts therapies. I work with children who have behaviour problems, children and young people with learning difficulties and special needs, and adults with mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. Other issues I work with are self esteem, social isolation, experience of bullying, bereavement, and anger management.

As a trained artist, I have worked creatively all my life in many media, such as wood, cement, glass, painting and ceramics.  I have facilitated all kinds of individuals and groups to develop their own creative language and skill set in the community setting, youth work, arts centres, and through art classes.

Becoming an Art Psychotherapist has brought together my ethos and skillset and has framed the work I do in helping others. Therapy is different from other art endeavours in that the finished product is not the aim of the process. Actually, what is important  is the process, and the feelings connected to it; the story, and the back story. I enjoy accompanying people on these creative journeys toward connection; finding their own stories, direction, authenticity and worth.

I am a trained Forest school leader and can bring art therapy outdoors safely to gain from the many benefits of connecting to nature.  My deep connection to the natural world has been a defining feature of my life through many cycles. I have worked with people in woodland, and wilderness, with a focus on empowerment, growth in confidence, self esteem and expression.